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Regency Romance! Medieval Romance! Cowboy Romance! Today’s cheap Kindle romances have it all…


Knights of Legacy Boxed Set: Lord of War Black Angel and The Falls of Erith
4.5 stars in 2 reviews

Now, two great Le Veque novels come together in a fabulous Boxed set. Enjoy two great warriors, their stories linked through blood and marriage.

Lord of War: Black Angel
1356 A.D. – It is warring times for England as the Black Prince sweeps his way through France, waging nasty warfare on the population. Masterminding this brutal strategy is the knight they call the Black Angel. Brandt de Russe, Duke of Exeter, is the brains behind the prince’s war machine, a mountain of a man who is as cunning as he is frightening. In battle, no man is his equal. The Lady Ellowyn de Nerra, granddaughter of the great mercenary Braxton de Nerra, has been sent to London by her crippled father to collect the men he has donated to the Black Prince’s wars in France. De Nerra men are mingled with the Duke of Exeter’s men and Ellowyn is at the dock when the duke disembarks his ships. In her attempt to introduce herself to Brandt and explain her purpose, the duke has little time for the beautiful young woman and mistakes her for a whore. Grossly insulted, Ellowyn threatens the man that all sane men fear. And so begins the fiery, passionate, and deep love story that transcends families, kings, and two continents, building to the Battle of Poitiers where Brandt is on the front lines. In battle, no man is his equal but even the most powerful of men are prisoners of their own hearts.

The Falls of Erith
1305 A.D. – Being descended from great, though disgraced family, can be a greater curse than most. As a direct descendent of Simon de Montfort, Lady Gray de Montfort Serroux has lived her life with the axe of shame hanging over her head. Because of this, her marriage matches were limited and she wed a dishonorable man who widowed her when he was murdered in a gambling game. Left with a young daughter to support, Gray and her daughter and her mother have been living in poverty. But now her daughter is approaching marriageable age and Gray’s conniving, haughty mother plots to marry the girl to the first wealthy man who offers for her hand. Meanwhile, an army of mercenaries seeks shelter at Gray’s crumbling castle. Their leader, Sir Braxton de Nerra, is a knight bannerette. Not sworn to a single liege, he travels with his mercenaries and has accumulated a good deal of wealth fighting other people’s battles. Taken with the beautiful Lady Gray even as the lady’s mother tries to force the granddaughter upon him, Braxton finds himself drawn into the desperate life they lead at the Castle Erith. As Braxton and Gray fall in love, Gray’s mother, the evil Constance, continues to wreak havoc, now aimed at the man who so desperately loves her daughter. Join Braxton as he fights for his new home, his new family, and is finally forced into the ultimate act of self-sacrifice to save those he loves.


COWBOY FOR SALE — A Second-Chances Spicy Romance
4.5 stars in 187 reviews

Salon manager Lacey Murdock has to find a handsome single cowboy fast–one willing to be auctioned off…for charity, of course! So, what’s a girl to do but go boot-scootin’ and cowboy huntin’ at San Diego’s most popular country music club. There she runs smack into Jared Dillon. Tall, dark, and definitely handsome, Jared is the kind of man any woman would want to date–and he’s perfect for the bachelor auction. Too bad he’s married… Or is he? Single dad Jared loves his young daughter more than anything, and has worked hard to create an idyllic life on his alpaca ranch, just the two of them. The last thing he needs is to get involved with another single-minded career woman used to the big city lights instead of star-filled skies. Pretty Lacey’s the kind of woman who is off limits for more reasons than he can count. But why can’t he stop thinking about her? Nope. She’s just not for him…


This Wicked Man – A Regency Novel
4.5 stars in 57 reviews

Meg Holstock, who is something of a bluestocking and very much a spinster, cannot believe it when she ends up as the guardian of her orphaned nephew. A failed governess, she knows nothing about children and even less about those that are grieving. Thrust into the wilds of Surrey – and the dubious charms of a rundown cottage – she predicts that life will be singularly dull. But that is before she meets her neighbor, a sinfully wicked viscount whose reputation for seduction is legendary. Her well meaning neighbors warn her to stay away and even the man himself seems inclined to think she is a fool to dally with him, but she is convinced that she and Chetwyn have more than just sexual tension in common. What is it about this wicked man that urges her to break the rules? And how can she convince someone who believes himself to be beyond redemption that the heart is always capable of resurrection?

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